Mobile solutions with AMD agri crop management

With mobile applications Cloud4Agri brings the crop management system to the field. The best operational decisions are always based on facts and figures representing the current state of affairs and are not based on the past, tradition or experience. With mobility apps the business information is current, anytime, anywhere for everyone .

  • Information is direct available in the field
  • Entering data direct in the field prevents from mistakes
  • Works seamlessly together with AMD agri crop management
  • Works with any ERP- or business management software from other suppliers.
Examples of apps[English] AMD agri apps
  • Work orders
  • Quality registration
  • Harvest registration
  • Measurement registrations
  • Location management of equipment
  • Register crop protection applications
  • Follow / trace equipment (tractors and machines)


Apps for specific needs

[English] FB-pro Aanbod.gif

In addition to standard apps to bring crop management systems to the field  Cloud4Agri is also specialized in develop ing apps for special applications. Examples of recent developments are:

              • FB-Pro – Is a system representing actual stock of flower bulbs to professional buyers  via an app on the smartphone
              • Backery app – An ordering systeem for backeries for both business to business as business to consumer sales.
              • In Vehicul – A systeem for monitoring tractors. Position (GPS), activities, driving speed, fuel consumption, motor condition etcetera are registered using the CANBUS system on the machinery

In all of these situations the app has been connected to an existing ERP or business management system.

Apart from experienced developpers Cloud4Agri also has graphic designers in their team to adjust the presentation of the app to the which of the customer.



Mobile technology

[English] Afbeelding4Cloud4Agi uses different mobility technologies:

  • Native programming
  • HTML5, CSS, Java etc.
  • Hybrid
  • Compiler technologies

Which technique is chosen depends on the application of the app. Together with the client, an analyses will be made in advance. Products of Cloud4Agri are suitable for smartphones, tablets or industrial look mobile devices with different operating systems

  • iOS (Apple)
  • Android
  • BBX (Black berry)
  • Windows mobile

We are also familiar with technologies like:

  • Apache
  • PHP
  • mySQL
  • WEB Services
Example backery app for Luz Stella Reposteria

 [English] Bakery App