Keep track of your farm effortlessly!

We are proud to present AMD Agri, our newest agricultural solution specifically designed to help you manage and keep a detailed and thorough control of your crops.

AMD Agri proposes to eliminate all of the stumbling blocks that prevent small farmers from using the latest agricultural management. Technology that can be afforded and operated by the many!

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 Cloud Based

100% Cloud based system = great infrastructure at $0 investment on servers and other resources.


 Time is Money

AMD Agri features basic pre-built processes that don’t require configuration. Just generate or load master data and the system is ready to use.


 Mobile Apps

Manage your farm’s activities from wherever you are!




imagen 3Less is More

AMD Agri’s user-friendly interface is simple and easy to use, but still shows information in a great level of detail.





  • Capture information directly from the Field
  • Capture Field variables and perform quality inspections using a mobile device.
  • Work even in areas without network connectivity.
  • Record GPS stamps to confirm accuracy of collected information.


Operational costs Abonnement per month
Users 1 to many users
Locations 1 to many locations, also internationally
Type of agribusiness Vegetables, fruit, grains, mais, beets, flowers, potplants, trees, outdoor and covered crops etcetera
Area <1 ha till > 1.000 ha


  • Crop cycle planning
  • Warehouse management (fertilizers and chemicals)
  • Work orders
  • Registering costs
  • Register use of equipment
  • Terrains (crop per location)
  • Registration quality
  • Registration measurements (eg tempereature, moisture)
  • Use of GIS / maps
  • ……and more

Track progress in real-time

  • AMD´s data extractor and GIS reporting engine will allow you to stay on top of events at all times
  • Seamless integration with MS Excel allows for users to generate their own custom reports and to change them as needed.
  • Automatic generation of KML files allows you to visualize you data over digital cartography using Google Earth or other compatible tools.

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