Integration of smart, affordable cloud and mobility technologies with managementsoftware improves business results and sustainability in the Agro & food industri. Business processes can be managed based on actual situation and transparancy in the chain increases,


For agricultural businesses

AMDAMD Agri crop management

AMD agri is a management system specially developped for farmers and growers who need an affordable but complete standard automation system. AMD agri works over the internet imagen 3which makes investments in expensive infrastructure superfluous. AMD agri is a standard application but using pre defined parameter sets it suits many different types of businesses. AMD agri manages and registers all aspects from a crop cycle from sowing till harvesting.

All data can be seen in AMD agri or being exported to excel for eventual further analyses. All data will be stored in the cloud but is only accesible for the licensee.



The use of Apps as part of the overall system adds an extra dimension for the user. Think of location information (GIS), camera (QR or barcode scanning or photos on location). The user enters the data on location which replaces paper notes to be entered in later should be accepted in the system. The apps also work if there is no connection to the internet.

The management system is brought to the “field” which makes it possible to implement real-time location data or (management) to access information.

Apps can be used in combination with AMD agri or be combined with any other ERP or business management solution. Custom apps for specific needs can be developed.

The Apps are suitable for most popular smartphones and tablets with Android, iOS (Iphone) and Windows operating systems.

Business software

For companies with more extensive needs for information CLoud4Agri can also offer SAP Business one. It is possible to carry out a full  business administration. This can be combined with AMD agri and with apps. Saves costs of a bookkeeper and improves visibility of the cost structure.


For businesses with role in distribution in the Agri & food industry

AMD  AMD agri chain solutions

Accounting for organizations (categorical, wholesale trade, auctions or distribution centers) who regularly purchase of farmers and growers  AMD agri serve as tools for information exchange between producer and customer. AMD agri and/or apps can replace a portal (or parts thereof) such as sharepoint. The benefits are many: understanding of stocks of the farmer, digital transmission of results of deliveries, registration of the use of crop protection products, better understanding of the grower increasing results, internal communication between locations or outsourcing of development and maintenance of software.

For this solution the basics are AMD agri and apps. Because each situation is different, for each situation the best  solutions will be identified

These companies can choose AMD agri to use as a tool to help to the producers to optimize their business. This has a strong promotional value and the relationship between producer and customer is reinforced.

What makes Cloud4Agri products so unique?

Products of Cloud4Agri are working entirely in the cloud. With a PC, laptop, tablet pc or smartphone with access to  internet the user has access to the application. No need for huge investments in expensive systems on the company.

Products of Cloud4Agri are standard products  which are made suitable for each crop and each company with parameter settings. This will keep the costs low.

Cloud4Agri systems are suitable to share and exchange information in the whole chain of agri & food products, from producer to consumer. Of course only with authorization of the owner of the information.

The combination of apps, a powerful database in the cloud and the ability to communicate with the most ERP and capture the technology of Cloud4Agri special and unique.

Advantages Cloud4Agri products
  • Flexible
  • Configurable
  • Modular
  • Suits every platform
  • Integrates with all modern ERP systems
  • No expensive infrastructure needed, no (hidden) costs

With Cloud4Agri standardisation is the standard. Standard products are configured in such a way that it meets the needs of each agribusiness. However, if there are situations where the standard solutions may not be sufficient (additional) customization can be developed to create be an appropriate solution.

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