There are several trends and developements in the world around us which are particularly inspiring to develop products which help to improve rural production, also for the smaller producers. These are the fundamentals for our mission and vision. Read them below

  •  The world has to feed 7 trillion people in 2014 and 10% more in 2020 up to 9+ trillion in 2050.
  • Yields must increase to feed the world
  • IT investments in Agri/Food are rather low
  • IT as enabler to increase farmers’ results
  • Cloud technology makes IT affordable even for small farmers world wide.
  • Food safety has become a key issue in public debate. Know what you eat.
  • The waste in the chain between producer and consumer is too high.
  • Environmental effects are increasingly threatening our (children’s) health.
  • Consumer demands sustainable products
  • Convergence of Four Key Technology Trends: Big data + cloud + mobile + Social.
  • “Consumerization” of IT

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